Keeping it current.

Online counselling is becoming increasingly popular as modern technology gets set to take over the traditional methods of face to face therapy. This has huge advantages for many people such as those that are housebound or want last minute therapy for certain occassions. For some people online therapy offers timely help beyond the limitations of traditional office hours. One bride had an online session from her laptop an hour before her wedding. A businessman had an online session to help him with his fear of flying in the lounge of an airport. Many parents of children and teens with emotional problems prefer checking in with a therapist from their home after the kids have gone to bed.

I particularly like this kind of therapy as it gives an individual more freedom because it can also be combined with face to face therapy. I recently had a client that took a business trip away for three weeks and by using this method, we were able to keep in contact in a very real way.

When I was in private therapy my therapist would take the whole of August off for her annual leave. I knew about this from day one but as the time got closer, the thought became more daunting and then after the five week break I felt unsettled and out of touch with her. I reaslise that everyone needs their vacation but it felt very cut and dried and no amount of preperation was enough. This was a big set back for me and it took  a number of weeks to get back on track. If online therapy had been available at the time I believe I would have benefitted greatly from it.


Jan Diaz Penfold Pgdip – Counsellor