Aspergers Syndrome

Aspergers Syndrome is a form of autism which makes it hard to read signals from others; signals that many people understand without a second thought. This can include facial expressions, tone of voice, and general social conventions.

This makes it difficult for those with Aspergers to communicate and interact with others, leading to anxiety, confusion and frustration.

Those with Aspergers also struggle with unpredictable situations, they like structure in their life, which may also be reflected in their actions, such as a need to have things arranged in a certain order. This is a lifelong condition, and there is not a cure. However, there has recently been a shift towards looking at Aspergers as a ‘difference’ rather than a ‘disability’, as something which cannot be treated, but managed.

It has been found that a cognitive and behavioural approach is most useful when it comes to counselling those with Aspergers. This approach tries to change the way the individual thinks about themselves and other people, and how thoughts and feelings alter mood.


Jan DiazPenfold Pgdip – Counsellor.