Death is a world fear.

Most people fear death at some point in their lives. I did. As I entered into my teens until well into my twenties I not only worried that I had every illness going but I also fretted that certain members of my family would die. These were usually my caregivers; mother, aunt, and eldest sister so I guess this was more of a fear of abandonement than of their death.  Although we are aware that we are not immortal we have a universal fear about dying. Some doctors and psychologists will put this down to an axiety disorder, but is it? Are you scared of dying but not anxious? There are some that say they are only scared of how they die but do not fear death itself. Is this you?

Remember, nearly everyone fears death in some way and while some people fear it more than others, there is some degree of fear that is actually healthy. If you didn’t fear death, you may put yourself in many significant dangers.

Whilst I do not put my life in deliberate danger, I do not worry about either dying nor my cause.  It goes without saying that I don’t want pain or debilitation and of course I am very aware that there are some terrifying illnesses out there but again, I do not worry. Worrying merely serves to assist.

I don’t want to sound smart or clever but I’m overdue this freedom by 25 years. Add that to the 25 years of angst that I apprehended those deaths I spoke of earlier, you can see that it took me a while to reach my actualisation.


Jan Diaz Penfold Pgdip – Counsellor.