When you hold grudges it can take up your brain capacity and prevent you from performing at your very best. Whatever you focus your mind on will grow, and this is very true of hatred.
It becomes very hard to achieve calm, peace, and good things for yourself when you have a lot of your thoughts tied up with negativity.

If you can try to forgive you will find that it is primarily for you. Forgiving can free up your energy so work on forgiving all grudges, no matter how old they are.
Try to make reconciliation and If you find this a struggle and don’t know where to begin, start with the easiest ones first. After that, and when you see how the results can enhance you, you can gradually work up to harder ones.
You may wait for years for someone to ‘make it up to you’ or ‘apologise’ and in that time expend a lot of negative energy. You may be trying to make someone change or even make them ‘pay’ but all this does is to keep your wounds from healing and further damage your life.
Many people do not realise the pain you are enduring; many are blind to the hurt they have caused; many just don’t care, and so you are suffering alone.
They may never recognise what is going on for you and in turn, never change. You have no power to change them but you can change yourself, and this will bring you inner peace and this will be done for yourself, not others.
The joy, peace, compassion, laughter, and a bright future will naturally unfold; for you.