Journey of resistance Pt 1

Sometimes its because of the resistance to the emotional stuff which we carry around that things take so long to work through. For example, there can be an imbalance of how we like to communicate emotionally, so each others ways might not suit both partners. Initially, the resistance can come from one side but then after a while, because of the reception/responses they get, the other side side might become resistant to sharing so much too. Things can then become long and arduous to work through; different ways for different people. In those moments it can feel wobbly and like there is an abyss (a deep or seemingly bottomless pit) between the understandings. That can sound scary. On the one hand, we find each other in this world and have a super amazing connection and on the other hand, we need to follow our intuition and move through our lives following our true path. If a true path feels that you need to stop being in a particular relationship, then listen carefully to that. By the same token, if the other person decides the same about you, then try to find acceptance of that. It would be hard, sad, scary, lonely (I’m imagining) and you would probably cry and miss that person; even grieve, but you would have an understanding underneath all the distress and sadness that your soul was just on its journey.

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