About Counselling

Counselling is the means by which one person helps another 2015-08-20 18.52.21through purposeful conversation. It’s a method of identifying practical solutions to a problem. The counsellor is a person who listens and “hears”  the client to help find their own solutions. A relationship is formed and the counsellor will clarify the clients thoughts and lead them to logical conclusion. The counsellor sees the clients’ world as they see it. Growth of the client usually occurs.

The elements of counselling are an empathic relationship where an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence exists. Rapport is essential, therefore the counsellor and client relate well. The counsellor sticks closely to the clients problems and the client feels free to say what they like.

I offer the above elements in a safe, friendly, and warm environment.

For a  Counsellor in Gateshead & Newcastle contact me, Jan Diaz.