Irrational thoughts.

Posted by on 01/03/2015

“There is no difficulty you cannot overcome”. When I say this, I can hear a lot of you saying “what”? “How can this be true”? But it is. As some of my clients will know, I’m not in favour of the words ‘negative’ & ‘positive’; I feel that they come with expectations so I choose to say we have rational/irrational thinking.  An effective method for rational thinking is to eliminate certain expressions of thought and speech which are irrational.  These thoughts can clutter up a person’s conversation, and while each can be seemingly unimportant in itself, the total effect is - Read More

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Lifes stresses

Posted by on 27/02/2015

The bulk of our suffering doesn’t derive from external events, such as wars or lost relationships and abandonments ic comes from our delusional desire to avoid life’s inevitable emotional discomforts.

We crave an escape route from difficult feelings and moods. We all work from the same universal, basic emotional palette: anger, fear, sadness, happiness, disgust, contempt, surprise.

Negative emotions are as essential as the positive.

Many of us are trained, in the formative years of childhood, that some of these inevitable emotional states aren’t particularly safe to express, such as sadness and anger and they must be avoided at all costs.

When emotions are - Read More

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