The Integrative approach

2015-08-20 18.51.56Integrative therapy seeks to understand various approaches and puts them together. It looks to recall all the wholesome and healthy parts of the self and re-integrate them into the functional self. This is a uniquely individual process which is not seeking to change the person, no, rather than changing you, it aims to make you more.  Integrative training requires an academic appreciation of a wide range of therapeutic theories. The Integrative Counselling Therapist, like myself, does not pick and choose in a patchwork manner, instead I have studied individual understandings, researched them and practiced them in a training environment to discover what has meaning for us and how to discover what may have more meaning for differing types of clients.

My Integrative Counselling training allows me to work in a variety of ways using different methods and orientations. Different therapeutic modalities have greater or lesser relevance depending upon the individual and what they are hoping to achieve through therapy. In other words, as an Integrative Therapist I do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. My understanding is that different people need a different approach at different times. My main focus is based on existential ideas. This concentrates on being in the ‘here & now’ and living in the moment. My therapy is completely client led. I regularly attend workshops and seminars to keep in line with any new, varying, and upcoming methods & orientations. I have a particular focus on Relationship and Couples Counselling.

Jan Diaz. Counsellor in Hove.